Sunday, 24 May 2009

Art journaling part 1: Getting started

Art journaling is fun.You should try.Basiclly its sticking,pasting,painting and drawing things into a notebook creativly.You can take your own aproch on it though.
First your need a note book, i recomend a moleskin sketchbook.It has a beautiful cover,strong pages and even a little pocket at the back.Next your need some paints,gesso(or cheap white paint),paintbrushes,deco iteams,scissors,glue.....and most inportantly imaganation.It does not mattter if you cant draw.Noone must see it!
Now get to work: start by making any mark in it your name writen or painted in a special way,some old magazines ripped or cut up and pasted in , a doodle or a photo:Just get creative.
I will post pics of mine soon:search moleskin in for ideas or watch somue suziblutube.
Stay tuned for more on art journaling...
TASK: Buy a notebook for art journaling and create a displ,ay for one page and if you have a blog, post pics yand let me know.
Also if you know a good website on art journaling please share in the comments-

Somthing completely by the way:Is anyone acctully reading this blog?If you are please leave a comment below,just to stop me thinking im blogging for nothing.

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Book review : THE CUTE BOOK

The Cute Book
by Aranzi Aronzo

A very very cute book from japan.But no fear it is in english.It starts with a small comic picture of two bunnies:How cute!I want one.Whered you get it? asks the first bunny.The 2nd: i made it! 1st: Easy? 2nd :Totally!

This book contains the how to for 19 very cute Felt Mascots.Each one has its own charm and is super easy to make.The only skills you must have to enjoy this book is cutting out felt and hand sewing.

Below is an example page:

Each instruction has a photo of the finished mascot,the pattern and a step by step illustrated instruction part.

Skills needed: basic sewing and cutting skills
Buy when you buy the book:Loads of FELT and EMBROIDERY THREAD
I recomend this book to any one how loves cute things and anyone how is at least 6 can enjoy it.
Some mascots include:
Frog(Mr.Tad and Mr.Pole included)
Terrz the Terrier

At the very end there are also cool ideas of how to use your mascots.

This gets 5 out of 5.