Monday, 24 May 2010

Quick prompt 24.5.2010

Drawing really helps you grow as an artist. I think everyone should draw something at least once a week. I do. I sit down with one of my friends and we draw say the pot in front of us. When we are done, we compare and talk about our drawings. You should try it.
Here are my fave drawing links:

Here ,

have fun!!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

End of week links 23.5.2010

I will post a few of my fave links at the end of each week from now on.

Lets start with daisy yellows 20 things dare, the comments are bursting with inspiration on cool things you could use in your art journal here and here. Have fun with thema nd be sure to comment to.

Over on paperphantom she shares an awesome idea about using foodcolouring and water to create an awesome bubble effect on paper. This would be perfect for a journal background or as patterned paper.

This is a super idea to, painting on brown paper. Who would of thought it could hold so much paper?

If you have never t¨ried splattering in your art journal, this will make you want to.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Using your electronics to help your art!

Yes! I admit, sometimes I'll go on the computer and get sucked in for hours, when all I wanted to do was get some quick inspiration.But there are some things gadgets can really help you with.


  • If you just need inspiration a tip:Google the first thing that comes into your mind, but search the images. As soon as you have found one to your likeing, print it out and switch your computer off. Now see where this image takes you...
  • Search for quotes you could use in your art
  • Set yourself say 10 mins(on a timer, i use the one on my phone) to surf the internet and then go off and be creative
  • If you have just bought a new art supply, search it in google, till you find a cool technique and then go and try it out
  • Print out alphabet sheets: Just go onto word, select a font and blow it up to the size you want, now print and voila!You can now cut these out and use in your Art journal

Moblie Phone:

  • Use as a timer for the above
  • Connect it to your computer and print and use the photos on it. Your phone will have the best (not best quality) photos on it, as you can just grab it and snap a picture when it seems right


  • Listen to music
  • Get a quote app, randomly select a quote and use this in your page
  • Keep a list of things you love or hate or something like that and use this in your art

Those are my ideas on this subject, if you have any ideas please leave in a comment below also leave any requests for futur blogposts below.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

How to create a Inspiration board

An inspiration board is a very important iteam in any crafty or artistic persons life.On this board you will pin everything and anything that inspires you. Then when you need a little boost with your creative flow, grab an image and go from there.

You will need:

Things that inspire you

1. Gather quotes, images(from fashion magazines or artwork you admire), colour samples, postcards, photos, emphemera from your daily life, fiber and fabric, numbers, letters you like absoloutly anything!

2. Arrange the clippings in a way you like: this can be in catagories like fashion, art and nature, by colour, size or just however looks right

3. pin thesedown and use as inspiration.

SO How can this help inspire me?

  • You could write a story based on one of the objects, this could be a made up one or why and how it inspires you
  • Use this image as a base for a collage
  • Let the theme or colour of a picture inspire your next creation
  • Draw the image
  • Capture the feel of it on a page
  • Use the quotes of lyrics in an art journal page
  • Use that awesome picture of a lacebag as inspiration for your next skirt
  • If it is a fabric or fiber swatch, use this fabric in your next project

And there you go, an inspiration board is basiclly the place you store all the inspiration you get, when you are to busy to use it and the place you raid for ideas, when you have time but no clue what to do. How do you use your inspiration board?

" Spring is natures way of saying lets party!"-uNKNOWN