Thursday, 30 July 2009

More from week 1 (offically 9)


So here is what ive done this week.I turned my endless line into a map, well work in progress.Ive got my white page in process to,my colour outside the lines in pretty basic and was the first thing i did.Um iv draw around all the stuff in my bag too, but maby ill do some more on that later.The picture with the purply spill is where i spilt in some (ok a lot) of red was so funny as i spilt it all over the table , floor and my sock but thats creativity 4 ya.Then i used the test page to test m y new travel watercolour set with.The next picture is after i pulled it through mud, fji:taking it for a walk.

Havent made the chain yet but iv coloured it in:).My circle page is pretty basic to.

This page is draing whilst in movement.It was a bit disapointing as out car was hardly wobbely but there you go.

Here iv riped the strips and done rubbings of a load of random stuff i found round the house, so hair pin, coins, scrapbooking chipboard designy things and loads more.

So in my poke holes page i did this put then turnred the holes into
a field of flowers.This is one of my fave pages.

I added loads of numbers to the number page.Coloured the materials
accoring to how much i like em, so green i really like em , orange middle or dont care and red hate.It was fun to do .Like that page to.And last but not least in burnt the page(had to tip water over it to put out fire but thats a hole new story..)and then rupped in the black ash onto the page.
Voila thats what iv done!!!!!
And yes i am gonna contiune after the book club on next chapter is over...
So keep ya eyes peeled...

Week 1 4 me week 9 offical : Wreck this journal

Here are some pics.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Day One: Wreck this journal

I have signed up on the next chapter, .Which has wonderful links to inspiring blogs, by the way. I have already done quiet a bit and have taken some photos i acctully wanted to share with you , but im on holiday and my pieping camera wont fit the connection cable over here.So ill have to buy one or something. Instead i will show you the photos another time and give you a text on all my thoughts to wreck this journal.
Well i love this book.It is so amazingly fun to do, and i really think that it makes you think creativly.So for example the colour this entire page , you can do the obvios i.e. just use one colour to colour the whole page.Or you can coulour it in a nice pattern, do a whole drawing where every mm of the page is coverd. Or on the fruit sticker page, you can just stick em in or you can sort them accrording to which fruit they came from or you could draw fruit and then stick them on or you could stick em on and draw the fruit from which each sticker came from.Do you get my drift?It allows for so much creativity.
So if you are doing this project to have fun and be creative and if you dont go buy it.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Wreck this journal arrived!!!!

Finally it got here!!!But it was well worth the wait,so far i have not done much exept browse through it and write in my name.
Im gonna as a nice intro into this book, let you know the rules:(as printed in the book)
1. carry this with you everywhaere you go
2.follow the instructions on every page
3.order is not important
4.instructions are poen to interpretation

Monday, 20 July 2009

Quick Quotes

"There are painters that transform the sun into a yellow spot,
but there are others who,
with the help of there intelligence,
transform a yellow spot into the sun"

"Drawing i the artists most direct and spontaneous expression,
a species of writing it reveals,
better than does painting,
his true personality"

What Crafts come on holiday?

Im guessing almost everybody is doing some kind of trip this summer.Wether its a long car journey , a 2 hour plain fllight or even just a short train journey.But have you ever caught your self dreaming about what crafty project you could be doing at home right now? I know i have.So thats why i thought id spill all my ideas on this subject.
So first of all you can of course just take a notepad and doodle the time away and plan your next craft project in it.Oh and no im not forgetting the ultimate traveling craft crochet and knitting.But to give you some ideas on what to crochet /knit why not get a headstart on making all those winter scarves and hats? Or mabey even mittens?Or you could simply knit squares and sew them together to make a blanket.Although please check with your airline if youre allowed to take knitting or crochet needles on the plain.But if knittin/crocheting is not your thing never fear.Do not leave your art journal at home!Oh and dont forget your artist Pitt pens so that you can spend all your time drawing waay.Your going on a long(very long) Journey?
Well then you may want to think about taking your travel watercolours kit , a paintbrush,watercolour paper, scissors (check before taking on a plain) and glue with you to.Craftypod has a great podcast on this subject by the way and there is for eg. The idea of making a lunchbox into crafty travel gear and that will come in very handy when you have to transport all your gear.
Dont forget to bring your camera either, as im telling you there will be many times when youll regret it if you dont.
Some other lil mini crafts that are nice :
-collecting quotes, either just when you see good ones or one per day
-trying to find some kind of fabric every day and sewing it to a work of art

So thats about all iv got for you apart from these links:
CRAFT has this cool tutorial for a craft caddy:
Theres the podcast:see above in text

Friday, 17 July 2009

Cut out and keep cool stuff

I found some after the sun has already burnt you remedies:( wish i had this last week)

Brand new site i found
So far she has only one post , but i like the idea for her blog.So go check it out!!
Its all about taking designer fashion and making it yourself!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Weekly Linkage !!:Art journaling

Gonna start posting cool links every friday for a while.
Today im going to share my favorites list , well no id still be typing in 2 years if i did that i mean just the art journaling links.

First of all suzi blus site: just simply a great inspirational site written by a mad (in a good way) gal a nice site, i love her monthly themes!!

fab ideas and videos:

has not been updated since may, but it still has some great content ;

For all tose that heart the moleskin:

Nice blog;

Just an amazing tutorial on how to draw a cool eye:

One of those regulary visited crafty sites;

All about the note book: go on give it a go

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tutorial: Mini Top Hat on an Aliceband

So you can see what my finished hat looked like.I thought you may want to make one to so here is the tutorial.
1.Cut out a circle from felt , that is the size you want the brim to be.Cut out a smaller circle from the middle , this is the top(lid).For the longy bit between(the strip on the picture), just worry about the width and not about the length(you can trim it later).
2.Sew the top to the sidey lony part like in the photo.

3.On the other photo you can see the side is sewn up to.Do this.

4. Now sew the brim to the topy part/tube like on the photo.
This is your basic hat finished!

5.Time to decorate.You can do this how ever you want.I used lace,buttons and sequins.

6.Cut a piece of paper out of cardstock that will fit in you hat as shown.Roll it and place inside.

7.Last but not least its time to attach your hat to your aliceband.To do so , cut small strips of fabric and cover in glue.Then lay the aliceband where you want it to go and lay fabric over as you can see on the picture.Now all you have to do is to use pegs or hair clips to hold it in place.Leave to dry over night and VOILA(!!!!!!!!)youre done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Book adventure:Wreck this journal :Ordering

So iv been inspired to order this fab book and i will keep you posted.

Wreck This Journal (Paperback) by Keri Smith (Author)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

OMG my first art journal is full!!!(some more pics)and 45 IDEAS FOR STUFF TO DO IN YOUR ART JOURNAL

A patchwork blanket i did and some more journal pages as well as the cover and a picture showing how thick it is.:)

So now iv filled one hole moleskin journal.Well okay iv got two more to fill ,but by tomorrow there be filled!!
Not only am i gonna share pics as inspiration , im gonn awrite down some ideas(which i used or came up with).

1.Stick in a picture and write around it in a swirl
2.Draw a face and stick in a plaster 4 an eye
3.Use paints and fabric
4.Paint a page with cool colours and then draw a picture over it
5.Test out all your pens
6.make a list of prjects you want to do
7.Document a project you did
8.Make a collage using junk mail
9.Stick in intresting newspaper articls
10.Stick in a picture of people, but cut of their hair first.Now paint their hair!
11.Bring it on a train journey and do doodles
12.Try sketching a photo
13.Get a picture and paint over it so you can only see the eyes and use them in your layout
14.Make a secret pocket for your favorite recipes
15.Experiment with origami paper and paint
16.When the paint is still wet you can use a lolly pop stick to scratch in words
17.Do a self portrait
18.Stick in some ribbon
19.Draw a cat
20.Stick a funny comic strip
21.paint a person
22.Make a flap door for a secret
23.Cover your page in text(ripped from a book)and paint on it
24.Draw pegasus
25.Explain how to BBQ the perfect marshmallow
26.Play with paint
27.write in thoughts
28.plan what your gonna do this month
29.Draw a nights sky with aliens
30. do a layout around friendship
31.Try drawing someone famous
32.Draw a monster
33. write a todo list
34.paint a surgeon
35.Use watercolour pencils
36.Draw eyes with tape
38.Do a layout with lyrics
39.Experiment with inkpads
40.Learn about the history of a craft ans document it
41.Stick in recipts and tell their storys
42.Practise drawing faces
43.Write down the resouns why youre writing în this journal
44.Take it to the pool or beacxh and draw their
45-watch a film and craete a layout around it