Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tutorial: Mini Top Hat on an Aliceband

So you can see what my finished hat looked like.I thought you may want to make one to so here is the tutorial.
1.Cut out a circle from felt , that is the size you want the brim to be.Cut out a smaller circle from the middle , this is the top(lid).For the longy bit between(the strip on the picture), just worry about the width and not about the length(you can trim it later).
2.Sew the top to the sidey lony part like in the photo.

3.On the other photo you can see the side is sewn up to.Do this.

4. Now sew the brim to the topy part/tube like on the photo.
This is your basic hat finished!

5.Time to decorate.You can do this how ever you want.I used lace,buttons and sequins.

6.Cut a piece of paper out of cardstock that will fit in you hat as shown.Roll it and place inside.

7.Last but not least its time to attach your hat to your aliceband.To do so , cut small strips of fabric and cover in glue.Then lay the aliceband where you want it to go and lay fabric over as you can see on the picture.Now all you have to do is to use pegs or hair clips to hold it in place.Leave to dry over night and VOILA(!!!!!!!!)youre done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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