Monday, 20 July 2009

What Crafts come on holiday?

Im guessing almost everybody is doing some kind of trip this summer.Wether its a long car journey , a 2 hour plain fllight or even just a short train journey.But have you ever caught your self dreaming about what crafty project you could be doing at home right now? I know i have.So thats why i thought id spill all my ideas on this subject.
So first of all you can of course just take a notepad and doodle the time away and plan your next craft project in it.Oh and no im not forgetting the ultimate traveling craft crochet and knitting.But to give you some ideas on what to crochet /knit why not get a headstart on making all those winter scarves and hats? Or mabey even mittens?Or you could simply knit squares and sew them together to make a blanket.Although please check with your airline if youre allowed to take knitting or crochet needles on the plain.But if knittin/crocheting is not your thing never fear.Do not leave your art journal at home!Oh and dont forget your artist Pitt pens so that you can spend all your time drawing waay.Your going on a long(very long) Journey?
Well then you may want to think about taking your travel watercolours kit , a paintbrush,watercolour paper, scissors (check before taking on a plain) and glue with you to.Craftypod has a great podcast on this subject by the way and there is for eg. The idea of making a lunchbox into crafty travel gear and that will come in very handy when you have to transport all your gear.
Dont forget to bring your camera either, as im telling you there will be many times when youll regret it if you dont.
Some other lil mini crafts that are nice :
-collecting quotes, either just when you see good ones or one per day
-trying to find some kind of fabric every day and sewing it to a work of art

So thats about all iv got for you apart from these links:
CRAFT has this cool tutorial for a craft caddy:
Theres the podcast:see above in text

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