Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The History of Crocheting

I thought it would be intresting to find out more about crocheting,so iddi a search online.Now ill share it with you:)Did you know the word crochet comes from the french word croche meaning hook?



There is no clear way of telling where crochet originadet in.Some have theorys that it evolved from other traditional crafts from Aribia,South America or china.Only from the 1800 on ward(this was is popularity in europe) can it be trached.The earliest written refrence to crochet refers to shepards knitting in 1812.The dutch magazine penelope published the first crochet pattern in 1824.Some other theorys are that crochet was in fact used by early cultures, but insteade of a hook they used a bent forefinger, so therefore there are no artifacts to prove it.
Any way what ever it origin its fun to do.
In the 19 century crochet becaim an easier and cheaper way of making lace.During the great irish famine (1845-1849)nuns taught local women and children how to crochet .It was the shipped all across europe and america and was perchased due to its beauty and to give money and help to the irish.
Hooks ranged from the primitve bent needle in cork handle, used by poor irish laceworkers to expensive hooks made from silver,brass, ivory and bone.By the 1840s many patterns where being published requering cotton and linen thread for lace and wool yarn for clothing.

Early history

Around the world crochet became a thriving cottage industry espaccily in france and irland.Supporting communities whos lives had been damaged through wars and crop failures.The finished iteams were purchased many by the emerging middle class.But crochets luck changed soon it was called a comman copy of lace work.Until Queen Victoria killed this inpressinon as she always bought irish made crochet lace and even learned how to cochet herself.

Modern Practise

During the edwardian period crochet lace became even more complex.
After World War 1 fever crochet patterns where published due to the lack of yarn(crochet uses twice as much as knitting).
After World War 2 there was a reupcome of all crafts including crochet.The craft stayed a homemakers art until the new generation picked it up and populized the granny square and came up with many more amazing patterns in the early 1970, which is also when the bright colours came in.

So next time you crochet just think about what a mysterious and for the irish live saving craft you are working on.
All the information is from Wikipedia, i have just filterd out what i think is intresting and rewritten it in a new way:).

Monday, 29 June 2009

Planning a crafternoon , art journal ideas and making a aloidstin survivalkit


So i really wanna host a crafternoon tipe thing.I thought id share ideas and plans.My plan; every one takes 20 craft iteams they no longer want(eg.yarn..)and then they can trade their stuff wîth others and at the end everyone has 20 items again.Then we all make things with our 20 iteams and host a fashion shoot.Im gonna provied food,music and drink:)


You could...

...tape in wildflowers and such
...use a postcard as a center image
...grab a random scrap of paper and create a journal entry about and round it.So stick it in,write where you found it , wh it was there ect.
...Tape in a picture of yourself.Crown yourself by painting a crown on your head and write about what country you rule over and what your rules are.
...spill somthing in your journal and write about it and decorate it in some way
...play with ink
...use fabric instead of paper
...glue in a reciept and write or drwa its story
...do a journal entery using only one colour in difffrent shades
... watch suziblutube 4 more ideas


So i havent made one yet but have been looking around the net and found some content ideas.Here are a few:

-matchbox(well the striky part cut off and stuck to the altoids tin)
-Gum(could mend bike tires)
-small flashlight
-fishing line(mending clothes and fishing)
-duct tape
-small compass
-silver foil(to hold food)
-medical tape
-ziplock bags
-saftey pins
-alcohloic wipes
-mirrir(starting fires)
-rubber band
-dental floss(traps and mending clothes)
-coins and a note
-small pencil
-trash bag(DO NOT LITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨)
-matches made waterproof by dippind in wax
-bar of soap
-paper clips
- water ballons
-mini swiss army knife
-buissness cards
-ear plugs
-mini hot sauce
-packets of salt and suar and ketchup
-leather square
-magnifin glass
-mini comb
-small bit of clay 4 modelling when bored

So thats my big long list.I wanna make one and why dont you?
It looks so fun and why not make an urban one to suit your needs?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Thursday, 18 June 2009

More stuff i made

A degopaged box,beanbag, bread, a page from my art journal and a keyring made from a pet bottle.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Art journaling part 2: A deeper look into the supplies

So i thought i would give you all the advice i can on all the supplies.

I highly recomend a Moleskin artist sketch book.It has a nice sturdy cover and a very handy pouch on the back flap in which you can store brouchers,newspaper cuttings ect. for your next layout.

I use a simple pritt stick for glueing in paper of diffrent kinds and a glue called cementit from europe for sticking in buttons,ribbon...

A random pair from ikea work fine.

Acrilic paints are so worth the money.They cover up stuff so well you wouldnt even know they where there.So that the pages dont bend or curl up dont use to much water.

I use white paint.

Again any random pencil is fine.If you want to use coulored pencils i recomend carondache watercolour pencils.If you add some water they look like watercolors.

PITT artist pens are my fave but you need to see what takes your fancy.Sharpies are a big NO;NO as they press through the paper.

I use beeswax crayons but any work.

This is personal what ever you like to work with.! Wash them out carefully after use.Rub in soap and then wash of.Before letting dry tell next use , use you fingers to shape "nip"well the hair part to its origional cony shape!

Other iteams i use:
An old book with no pictures to rip out the pages from
3d tape
Clippings from mags...
Fashion magazines

So i hope that helped a bit.I found the two already posted youtube videos very helpfull and was inspired to make my own personal list.

Makes lately

Peak into my art journal

So iv brought you part one and here comes some inspirating.Yes my art journal.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

T-shirt roundup

What to do with all those old tees? I have started to do a weekly round up starting with what to do with t - shirts. so here it goes:

Well to start there are loads of threadbangervideos:

1.How to dart a t-shirt:http://www.threadbanger.com/thread-heads/episode/HTT_20070814

2.Sisters of harlem show us how to make a big t-shirt that much sweeter:http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/THR_20090327

3-And of course do not forget COMPAI:http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/THR_20080111

4.How to make a Picknicblanketbackpack out of em:http://www.threadbanger.com/post/7890/how-to-make-a-picnic-blanket-backpack-out-of-t-shirts

5.If it goes wrong check here:http://www.threadbanger.com/post/8003/how-to-salvage-a-diy-t-shirt-disaster

6.Make a bikini for the hot weather:http://www.threadbanger.com/post/999/how-to-make-a-hot-bikini-out-of-old-t-shirts

7.Then of Craft how to make a quilthttp://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2007/05/tshirt_quilt.html

8.Then we have a threadbanger weekly round up on this subject:http://www.threadbanger.com/post/8599/weekly-diy-roundup-t-shirts-into-tank-tops

9.And here are loads from the threadbanger forum:http://forum.threadbanger.com/search.php?searchid=865524

I will post pics of mine send yours to:)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Part1: Spring cleaning your Sewing room

I started the challenge today of tidying my sewing room.Im gonna give you tips along the way, because when i searched for tips and creative ideas i found none on the net.

1.sort your fabrics into diffrent groups and place them in seethrough bags or buckets,so you can see what is at the bottom of the box.Make groups like:Chuck(this is super tiny scraps or horrible old clothes you know you will never use,Scraps(bigger leftovers to use for patchwork and as stuffing),Existing iteams(so old clothes and stockings),Lace and fabric.

2.cut a little swatch out of eaych fabric and staple it onto a piece of paper.Stick this on your pinboard.So when you need a bit of inspiration you can flick through or you can pick the perfect fabric for when youv dreamt up a garmend.

3.Move your carpet to the side so you have a cutting space or use a big table.

4.give your hole room a good clean and dust.

5.Pick a place to store all your books(i piled them on our stairs ledding to the attic).

6.arrange any other tables you have.

7.sort your yarn and poop in a box

8.sew or buy a cover for your sewing machine

9.do your homework:)(below)

1.sew a crochethookroll
2.buy a pinboard
3.sew wall pockets

Monday, 1 June 2009

Lemon and wok earrings

Check these out, i made them over the weekend.All i did was buy backs and figure things,then used strong glue to stick em on.Done!!!!!!!!!!!!¨

Stay tuned for spring cleaning of sewing room.