Saturday, 6 June 2009

T-shirt roundup

What to do with all those old tees? I have started to do a weekly round up starting with what to do with t - shirts. so here it goes:

Well to start there are loads of threadbangervideos:

1.How to dart a t-shirt:

2.Sisters of harlem show us how to make a big t-shirt that much sweeter:

3-And of course do not forget COMPAI:

4.How to make a Picknicblanketbackpack out of em:

5.If it goes wrong check here:

6.Make a bikini for the hot weather:

7.Then of Craft how to make a quilt

8.Then we have a threadbanger weekly round up on this subject:

9.And here are loads from the threadbanger forum:

I will post pics of mine send yours to:)

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