Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Part1: Spring cleaning your Sewing room

I started the challenge today of tidying my sewing room.Im gonna give you tips along the way, because when i searched for tips and creative ideas i found none on the net.

1.sort your fabrics into diffrent groups and place them in seethrough bags or buckets,so you can see what is at the bottom of the box.Make groups like:Chuck(this is super tiny scraps or horrible old clothes you know you will never use,Scraps(bigger leftovers to use for patchwork and as stuffing),Existing iteams(so old clothes and stockings),Lace and fabric.

2.cut a little swatch out of eaych fabric and staple it onto a piece of paper.Stick this on your pinboard.So when you need a bit of inspiration you can flick through or you can pick the perfect fabric for when youv dreamt up a garmend.

3.Move your carpet to the side so you have a cutting space or use a big table.

4.give your hole room a good clean and dust.

5.Pick a place to store all your books(i piled them on our stairs ledding to the attic).

6.arrange any other tables you have.

7.sort your yarn and poop in a box

8.sew or buy a cover for your sewing machine

9.do your homework:)(below)

1.sew a crochethookroll
2.buy a pinboard
3.sew wall pockets

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