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Buttons!! and a thing i made

This cool Malterers pencile case, came along after id eaten all of em.I just added some selfsticking velcro:)

Buttons everyone in the d.i.y world has some of these waiting some where in a jar or crack...I love Buttons , as they are so vertisil. They are useful and pretty, can give any garmend the finishing touch and always look their best.
But have you ever tried to make some buttons?
No? Well its hightime.I will be trying out cool ways to make them yourself and sharing.In the Photo you can see them:Imade them out of FIMO.My mold was an old Bottlecap,Then i just pieked a 2-4 holes in and done!!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Book review Friday: SEW SUBVERSIVE

I love books and d.i.y, so if you combine em you get craft books.But during my serch periods(for cool d.i.y books) i have found that the choice is so big you dont no where to start buying.SO then i thought to myself, a why not start a post series on my blog? So here i am posting:).


Authors: Melissa Rannels, Melissa Alvarado and Hope Meng

This was one of my first books i added to my collection, and it helped me with the drama of My New Sewinmashine and really got me into sewing .
The list of contence is as follows:

threading your needle
the stiches
mending a rip in a seam
Sewing a Button back on
Patching things up
Hem it up
Moving on Up to the Machine
How a Sewing Machine Works
Know why Machine
Finding the Perfect Machine
Learning to use your machine
Filling the Bobbin
Loading the Bobbin
Bringing up the Bobbin thread
Straight vs.Zigzag Stiching
Changing the Needle
Turning Those Curves
The gear
Fabric 101
Fabric 201: Shopping for Refashionable
Notions:The accessories of Fabric
Setting up your Sewing Space
Keeping It All Together
Making Something
My First Sewing Project:Pillow Cover
Messing up
Make Your Printer Work For You
A Skirt That Is Sew You
Topstiching:Drawing With Thread
Bye-Bye Boring Stiches
Cut It Out ! Shirt
All Ears-or Hornes-Hoodie
From Big(plus sign)Baggy to Fit (plus sign)Flattering
Honey, i Shrunk the Shirt!
Un-Taperfy your Pants
Tie One On in this Skirt
Totally Tube-You-Lar
Tote that TEE
The Hippest Hip Belt In Town
Get All Ruffled Up
Score Some Pillow Talk In This Pillow Tank Dress
Return of the Legwarmers
Summerize yur Sweater
Winter Sweater, Meet Winter Hat
Scarf Scrapbook
Vintage Neckties: Cuffs and Collars
Im a Sleeve to Wine
Refashion Yourdelf

So there is that big list, i always find it great when im searching for book info and i find the content:)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Paper making video

I was on today and found this fantastic video:

CRAFT Video: Paper Making with Lisa Jacobs from make magazine on Vimeo.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


I got a Compostheap yeah!So i did some research on the net looking for stuff i can compost.
First the biggest Q; What can i compost?
A Decor it Yourself episode with composting tips

Dairy Products

Egg shells------Yes
Milk ------ No


Apples Yes
Pears Yes

Melon Yes
Plums Yes
Grapes Yes
Bananas Yes
Mango Yes
Avocado Yes
Rhubarb Yes
Strawberries Yes
Pineapple Yes

Garden waste

Leaves Yes
Nettles Yes
Grass clippings Yes
Twigs,sticks and branches Yes
!! when chopped!!!
Dandilions NO
Pine needles and Cones Yes

Household waste

Cardboard Yes
Cat waste and litter No
Newspapers Yes
Magazines No
Flyers No
Catalogues No

Sawdust Yes
Hair Yes
Shredded paper Yes
Dried flowers Yes

Pet bedding Yes
Straw Yes
Dryer lint Yes
Cork Yes
Toilet roll tubes Yes

Paper bags Yes
Brown paper
Wrapping paper No
Nail clippings Yes
Flowers Yes

Kitchen Waste

Coffee Yes
Fruit juice Yes
Tea Yes
Egg boxes Yes
Flour Yes

Leftover Food

No Cooked FOOD!!!


Pistachios Yes


All uncooked Veg can be composted

When is the compost ready?

After 2 months it can be used,but not tell its 6 months old has it reached its full nutrions.

What to do with your compost?

Use it as potting soil, to plant veg in or in any other way you would use soil:).

So what are you wating for start a Compost heap!!!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Making Cat toys

Cats love to play.They do sleep for 16hours a day, but they still to fill with hunting toys.But although bought toys are easy for the owner , the handmade ones are super fun to make and you can be sure there not imported from china or else where.

So here are some simple crafty ideas:

1.Crumple up some silverfoil into a ball and toss to your cat,Done!!

2.Fill a socktoe with catnip and tie or sew the end closed.

Cats seem to love things that rattle and make slight noise. A couple of small pebbles, bells or dried beans placed in an old film canister or small plastic bottle with a lid makes a great toy for your cat. Make sure the lid fits tightly so that the toy won’t come apart, leaving a choking hazard for your cat.

4.An old paperbag with some airholes in it is a fab quick toy:)

5.Crocheted Toys
If you crochet, a great use for the bits of leftover yarn is to make crocheted mice, pillows, or balls for your cat. You can fill these toys with catnip, or plump with a little cotton batting or cotton balls.

6.Doorknob Toys
Cats love things that hang and swing that they can bat and swat. Buy a bag of colored pompom balls at your local craft store, take a length of elastic cord and needle, and start stringing the balls on the cord. Fill about half the cord, knot one end so the balls don’t slide off, and make a loop out of the other end. Hang the loop over a doorknob, letting the string of colored balls hang down for kitty to swat.

7.Gone Fishing
We’ve all seen them…the plastic rods with string and usually feathers attached that you can entice your kitty with. You can easily make your own ‘cat fishing’ toy by finding a small twig, tying a length of yarn or fishing line to it, and running the yarn through one of the leftover pompoms from the doorknob toy, or even a ping pong ball.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Twilight-Scrapbook part one

So here are the first:
This is the first page.Its the epiloge from the first book,smered with blood(used ink leftover from christmas and little bits of felt for extra texture).Two ribbons stapled on because it looks pretty and in the bottom i threaded two charms i made from FIMO.A heart and a Apple.
2.One up from Bottom:
Bellas Car.
3.One down from top:
represents her first day at school.The picture is of the reallife Forks high.Tucked in behind the photo is a map,teachersslip and shedule . i made my self according to the description in the Book.
Her first sight of the Cullens.The bat is from an old Halloween costume,i got the Cullencrest on google pictures and the photot from the film scene.
STAY tuned for the rest of my scrapbook.
i used origami paper in each. And did not buy a thing new besides Glue.
Each page has the quote from the book,which refers to the Theme of the Page.
1.The Epiloge
2.I found a really good car for you,really cheap,he announced when we were strapped in.
3.I have zour shedule right here, and a map of the school.She brought several sheets to the counter to show me.She went through mz classes with mw , highlighting the best route to each on the map,and gave me a slip to have every teacher sign...
4.They were sitting in the corner as far a waz from where i sat as possible in the long room.There were five of them.Thez werent talking and thez werent eating, though thez each had a traz of untoched food in front of them.Thez wernt gawing at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe to stare at them without fear of meeting an excessivlz intrestedpair of eyes.But it was none of these things that caught and held my attention...

Workin progress ... Twilightscrapbook .... More buying and less scraping?

Okay , okay yes i am a bit Twilight crazy,but anyway. I am working on a scrapbook that illustrates the first Twilightbook.Soon there will be Photos and Technic tips , you can use in any scrapbook.

More buying and less scraping?

There are loads of fab scrapbook products on sale. But am i the only one that thinks, scrapbookers are coming of the acctual point? Scrapbooking is a fun project, to express creativity and to use up scraps from other projects.So surely buying so many supplies is `cheating`?
One of the reasons why i like scrapbooking is the fact that ist about my twilight scrapbook i have tried to use recycled items from the within the walls of my House.Yes i did buy a thing or two but not my hole stock.With the Photos i will present you ideas of what you could use.
Please feel free to comment on your point of view on any subjects, i blog about.:):)

Monday, 2 March 2009

My Crochet projects!!! with pattern links!!

This is my first crochetproject ever¨!!!

it Mittens,i found the pattern on the threadbanger forums:
The 2nd pic is wrong way round sorry!!!
Its the hat corinne shows how to make here(only took me one day to make)
here is the video.
So thats it,
if you Crochet em too,then let me se em.