Thursday, 5 March 2009

Twilight-Scrapbook part one

So here are the first:
This is the first page.Its the epiloge from the first book,smered with blood(used ink leftover from christmas and little bits of felt for extra texture).Two ribbons stapled on because it looks pretty and in the bottom i threaded two charms i made from FIMO.A heart and a Apple.
2.One up from Bottom:
Bellas Car.
3.One down from top:
represents her first day at school.The picture is of the reallife Forks high.Tucked in behind the photo is a map,teachersslip and shedule . i made my self according to the description in the Book.
Her first sight of the Cullens.The bat is from an old Halloween costume,i got the Cullencrest on google pictures and the photot from the film scene.
STAY tuned for the rest of my scrapbook.
i used origami paper in each. And did not buy a thing new besides Glue.
Each page has the quote from the book,which refers to the Theme of the Page.
1.The Epiloge
2.I found a really good car for you,really cheap,he announced when we were strapped in.
3.I have zour shedule right here, and a map of the school.She brought several sheets to the counter to show me.She went through mz classes with mw , highlighting the best route to each on the map,and gave me a slip to have every teacher sign...
4.They were sitting in the corner as far a waz from where i sat as possible in the long room.There were five of them.Thez werent talking and thez werent eating, though thez each had a traz of untoched food in front of them.Thez wernt gawing at me, unlike most of the other students, so it was safe to stare at them without fear of meeting an excessivlz intrestedpair of eyes.But it was none of these things that caught and held my attention...

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