Sunday, 8 March 2009


I got a Compostheap yeah!So i did some research on the net looking for stuff i can compost.
First the biggest Q; What can i compost?
A Decor it Yourself episode with composting tips

Dairy Products

Egg shells------Yes
Milk ------ No


Apples Yes
Pears Yes

Melon Yes
Plums Yes
Grapes Yes
Bananas Yes
Mango Yes
Avocado Yes
Rhubarb Yes
Strawberries Yes
Pineapple Yes

Garden waste

Leaves Yes
Nettles Yes
Grass clippings Yes
Twigs,sticks and branches Yes
!! when chopped!!!
Dandilions NO
Pine needles and Cones Yes

Household waste

Cardboard Yes
Cat waste and litter No
Newspapers Yes
Magazines No
Flyers No
Catalogues No

Sawdust Yes
Hair Yes
Shredded paper Yes
Dried flowers Yes

Pet bedding Yes
Straw Yes
Dryer lint Yes
Cork Yes
Toilet roll tubes Yes

Paper bags Yes
Brown paper
Wrapping paper No
Nail clippings Yes
Flowers Yes

Kitchen Waste

Coffee Yes
Fruit juice Yes
Tea Yes
Egg boxes Yes
Flour Yes

Leftover Food

No Cooked FOOD!!!


Pistachios Yes


All uncooked Veg can be composted

When is the compost ready?

After 2 months it can be used,but not tell its 6 months old has it reached its full nutrions.

What to do with your compost?

Use it as potting soil, to plant veg in or in any other way you would use soil:).

So what are you wating for start a Compost heap!!!!

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