Thursday, 5 March 2009

Workin progress ... Twilightscrapbook .... More buying and less scraping?

Okay , okay yes i am a bit Twilight crazy,but anyway. I am working on a scrapbook that illustrates the first Twilightbook.Soon there will be Photos and Technic tips , you can use in any scrapbook.

More buying and less scraping?

There are loads of fab scrapbook products on sale. But am i the only one that thinks, scrapbookers are coming of the acctual point? Scrapbooking is a fun project, to express creativity and to use up scraps from other projects.So surely buying so many supplies is `cheating`?
One of the reasons why i like scrapbooking is the fact that ist about my twilight scrapbook i have tried to use recycled items from the within the walls of my House.Yes i did buy a thing or two but not my hole stock.With the Photos i will present you ideas of what you could use.
Please feel free to comment on your point of view on any subjects, i blog about.:):)

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