Saturday, 7 March 2009

Making Cat toys

Cats love to play.They do sleep for 16hours a day, but they still to fill with hunting toys.But although bought toys are easy for the owner , the handmade ones are super fun to make and you can be sure there not imported from china or else where.

So here are some simple crafty ideas:

1.Crumple up some silverfoil into a ball and toss to your cat,Done!!

2.Fill a socktoe with catnip and tie or sew the end closed.

Cats seem to love things that rattle and make slight noise. A couple of small pebbles, bells or dried beans placed in an old film canister or small plastic bottle with a lid makes a great toy for your cat. Make sure the lid fits tightly so that the toy won’t come apart, leaving a choking hazard for your cat.

4.An old paperbag with some airholes in it is a fab quick toy:)

5.Crocheted Toys
If you crochet, a great use for the bits of leftover yarn is to make crocheted mice, pillows, or balls for your cat. You can fill these toys with catnip, or plump with a little cotton batting or cotton balls.

6.Doorknob Toys
Cats love things that hang and swing that they can bat and swat. Buy a bag of colored pompom balls at your local craft store, take a length of elastic cord and needle, and start stringing the balls on the cord. Fill about half the cord, knot one end so the balls don’t slide off, and make a loop out of the other end. Hang the loop over a doorknob, letting the string of colored balls hang down for kitty to swat.

7.Gone Fishing
We’ve all seen them…the plastic rods with string and usually feathers attached that you can entice your kitty with. You can easily make your own ‘cat fishing’ toy by finding a small twig, tying a length of yarn or fishing line to it, and running the yarn through one of the leftover pompoms from the doorknob toy, or even a ping pong ball.

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