Thursday, 30 April 2009

Saturday, 25 April 2009

More of my Makes and Paintings

Sorry there the wrong way round:)
Anyway so here are my paintings:
One is of my cats
next to it is a random person reading

Here you can see a woodpecker and a doormouse:)

In other news oranges and apples to your left and below Marie Antoinette.


Another random old time women and my pet guiean pig.
Another knitted postcard
and a I-pod case:)
Leave a comment below and tell me what you think and please check back soon:)

Another Cool Threadbangervideo

Prom time and that means a new cool tutorial:)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Quick Tip : An eco way against SLUGS (eww!)

This is the right time of year to start growing lettuce.Its a good idea to do so,because things that you grow in your garden have almost no Foodmiles on them. But beware!! Slugs love to eat them.But do not turn to a ekky chemical anti slug spray,no.Simply grab some bottle or jamjar lids,Lay around your lettuce and fill with BEER!The slugs come along to eat your lettuce and then they drink the beer,get drunk and forget what they wanted to do and go.Voila!No eaten lettuce and no horrid uneco Anti slug spray.IT WORKS;I HAVE TRYED:):):):):)
:( said the slug
:)says the lettuce and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a tip share!

Basic Eco Tips

Here is a small list of things , You can do to save the planet

1.Turn off any unused lights

2.DO NOT leave tvs and computers on standby.

3.Buy food locally(or at least from within the country).

4.Turn off tap, whilst you brush your theeth

5.Bring your own shopping bag , shopping

6.Tell others about these simple things anyone can do

7. Start a compost heap

8.Grow your own veg and herbs

9.Make some ecocleaning supplies

10.Recycle bottles,paper,tins...

11.Make things out of old clothes or give them to a charity

12.Write on both sides of paper

13.rite on backs of missprints

These are some basic tips,you should do almost automaticly:).

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter bunny tutorial(okay i know a bit late, but next year)

Here it goes:

1.Draw out a pattern as in the Photo.
Felt colours you will need
brown or grey for body,legs,ears
white for tail(which is just a simple circle).
pink for the inside of the ears

2. Pin on to felt and cut out.
You will need
2 ears(thats the piece in the bottom left)
2 inner ears(the smallest)
2 body pieces
and 4 legs and arms(there both just the one at the very top)
1 little circle as a tail

3.Now on one of the body pieces hand sew the tail on .On the other stich two eyes and a mouth and nose.

4. Sandwich in the legs,ears and arms and pin , as shown on photo:)

5.Hand sew around the bunnys body, so that all limbs are sewn down.

6.Use some glue to glue in the rabbits ear pink bit.

7. done!!!!!!!!!!¨

Now just make it some friends and feed it carrots:)

Please leave a comment 2 tell me how you thought this tutorial was.Its my first.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

tutorial coming up

my first tut HOW 2 MAKE A FELT EASTER BUNNY coming up soon. stay tuned

OMG My Question was answerd on CRAFT .com!!!!!!

This week's question is about fusing plastic bags:

I was watching threadbanger last week and saw the episode on ironing plasticbags to a laptop case, which was so cool, I wanted to make one for myself. But when I tried, the plastic just either would not couplettley fuse or it got all wrinkly and not usable, so I gave up. Then I thought I would ask craft if they have any tips on which plastic bags to use, what heat to put the iron on and other hints and tricks so I can successfully fuse plastic bags!

Please helpMakealife
From Switzerland

Well, I certainly do have some tips! Here at CRAFT we're huge into plastic bag crafts! First off, there's Bre's video above with Anda from Etsy showing you exactly how it's done. She says the temperature will vary based on your iron, but somewhere between the polyester and rayon settings will probably be best. And don't forget to use wax paper to surround your fusing plastic! It won't stick to the iron that way. I also like her tip of turning printed bags inside out so the ink doesn't melt all over the place. Etsy also has a photo tutorial you should check out on this process. I hope these two places help you with your problems! Perhaps the plastic bags you're using are different than the ones commonly found here in the US? Best of luck to you!
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