Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter bunny tutorial(okay i know a bit late, but next year)

Here it goes:

1.Draw out a pattern as in the Photo.
Felt colours you will need
brown or grey for body,legs,ears
white for tail(which is just a simple circle).
pink for the inside of the ears

2. Pin on to felt and cut out.
You will need
2 ears(thats the piece in the bottom left)
2 inner ears(the smallest)
2 body pieces
and 4 legs and arms(there both just the one at the very top)
1 little circle as a tail

3.Now on one of the body pieces hand sew the tail on .On the other stich two eyes and a mouth and nose.

4. Sandwich in the legs,ears and arms and pin , as shown on photo:)

5.Hand sew around the bunnys body, so that all limbs are sewn down.

6.Use some glue to glue in the rabbits ear pink bit.

7. done!!!!!!!!!!¨

Now just make it some friends and feed it carrots:)

Please leave a comment 2 tell me how you thought this tutorial was.Its my first.

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