Monday, 29 June 2009

Planning a crafternoon , art journal ideas and making a aloidstin survivalkit


So i really wanna host a crafternoon tipe thing.I thought id share ideas and plans.My plan; every one takes 20 craft iteams they no longer want(eg.yarn..)and then they can trade their stuff wîth others and at the end everyone has 20 items again.Then we all make things with our 20 iteams and host a fashion shoot.Im gonna provied food,music and drink:)


You could...

...tape in wildflowers and such
...use a postcard as a center image
...grab a random scrap of paper and create a journal entry about and round it.So stick it in,write where you found it , wh it was there ect.
...Tape in a picture of yourself.Crown yourself by painting a crown on your head and write about what country you rule over and what your rules are.
...spill somthing in your journal and write about it and decorate it in some way with ink
...use fabric instead of paper
...glue in a reciept and write or drwa its story a journal entery using only one colour in difffrent shades
... watch suziblutube 4 more ideas


So i havent made one yet but have been looking around the net and found some content ideas.Here are a few:

-matchbox(well the striky part cut off and stuck to the altoids tin)
-Gum(could mend bike tires)
-small flashlight
-fishing line(mending clothes and fishing)
-duct tape
-small compass
-silver foil(to hold food)
-medical tape
-ziplock bags
-saftey pins
-alcohloic wipes
-mirrir(starting fires)
-rubber band
-dental floss(traps and mending clothes)
-coins and a note
-small pencil
-trash bag(DO NOT LITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨)
-matches made waterproof by dippind in wax
-bar of soap
-paper clips
- water ballons
-mini swiss army knife
-buissness cards
-ear plugs
-mini hot sauce
-packets of salt and suar and ketchup
-leather square
-magnifin glass
-mini comb
-small bit of clay 4 modelling when bored

So thats my big long list.I wanna make one and why dont you?
It looks so fun and why not make an urban one to suit your needs?

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