Monday, 15 June 2009

Art journaling part 2: A deeper look into the supplies

So i thought i would give you all the advice i can on all the supplies.

I highly recomend a Moleskin artist sketch book.It has a nice sturdy cover and a very handy pouch on the back flap in which you can store brouchers,newspaper cuttings ect. for your next layout.

I use a simple pritt stick for glueing in paper of diffrent kinds and a glue called cementit from europe for sticking in buttons,ribbon...

A random pair from ikea work fine.

Acrilic paints are so worth the money.They cover up stuff so well you wouldnt even know they where there.So that the pages dont bend or curl up dont use to much water.

I use white paint.

Again any random pencil is fine.If you want to use coulored pencils i recomend carondache watercolour pencils.If you add some water they look like watercolors.

PITT artist pens are my fave but you need to see what takes your fancy.Sharpies are a big NO;NO as they press through the paper.

I use beeswax crayons but any work.

This is personal what ever you like to work with.! Wash them out carefully after use.Rub in soap and then wash of.Before letting dry tell next use , use you fingers to shape "nip"well the hair part to its origional cony shape!

Other iteams i use:
An old book with no pictures to rip out the pages from
3d tape
Clippings from mags...
Fashion magazines

So i hope that helped a bit.I found the two already posted youtube videos very helpfull and was inspired to make my own personal list.

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