Sunday, 26 July 2009

Day One: Wreck this journal

I have signed up on the next chapter, .Which has wonderful links to inspiring blogs, by the way. I have already done quiet a bit and have taken some photos i acctully wanted to share with you , but im on holiday and my pieping camera wont fit the connection cable over here.So ill have to buy one or something. Instead i will show you the photos another time and give you a text on all my thoughts to wreck this journal.
Well i love this book.It is so amazingly fun to do, and i really think that it makes you think creativly.So for example the colour this entire page , you can do the obvios i.e. just use one colour to colour the whole page.Or you can coulour it in a nice pattern, do a whole drawing where every mm of the page is coverd. Or on the fruit sticker page, you can just stick em in or you can sort them accrording to which fruit they came from or you could draw fruit and then stick them on or you could stick em on and draw the fruit from which each sticker came from.Do you get my drift?It allows for so much creativity.
So if you are doing this project to have fun and be creative and if you dont go buy it.

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  1. Welcome to The Next Chapter and Wreck this Journal! I'm so glad you found us and that you're having a great time with the book. I'll look forward to seeing your pics