Sunday, 5 July 2009

OMG my first art journal is full!!!(some more pics)and 45 IDEAS FOR STUFF TO DO IN YOUR ART JOURNAL

A patchwork blanket i did and some more journal pages as well as the cover and a picture showing how thick it is.:)

So now iv filled one hole moleskin journal.Well okay iv got two more to fill ,but by tomorrow there be filled!!
Not only am i gonna share pics as inspiration , im gonn awrite down some ideas(which i used or came up with).

1.Stick in a picture and write around it in a swirl
2.Draw a face and stick in a plaster 4 an eye
3.Use paints and fabric
4.Paint a page with cool colours and then draw a picture over it
5.Test out all your pens
6.make a list of prjects you want to do
7.Document a project you did
8.Make a collage using junk mail
9.Stick in intresting newspaper articls
10.Stick in a picture of people, but cut of their hair first.Now paint their hair!
11.Bring it on a train journey and do doodles
12.Try sketching a photo
13.Get a picture and paint over it so you can only see the eyes and use them in your layout
14.Make a secret pocket for your favorite recipes
15.Experiment with origami paper and paint
16.When the paint is still wet you can use a lolly pop stick to scratch in words
17.Do a self portrait
18.Stick in some ribbon
19.Draw a cat
20.Stick a funny comic strip
21.paint a person
22.Make a flap door for a secret
23.Cover your page in text(ripped from a book)and paint on it
24.Draw pegasus
25.Explain how to BBQ the perfect marshmallow
26.Play with paint
27.write in thoughts
28.plan what your gonna do this month
29.Draw a nights sky with aliens
30. do a layout around friendship
31.Try drawing someone famous
32.Draw a monster
33. write a todo list
34.paint a surgeon
35.Use watercolour pencils
36.Draw eyes with tape
38.Do a layout with lyrics
39.Experiment with inkpads
40.Learn about the history of a craft ans document it
41.Stick in recipts and tell their storys
42.Practise drawing faces
43.Write down the resouns why youre writing în this journal
44.Take it to the pool or beacxh and draw their
45-watch a film and craete a layout around it

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  1. he he it loks a lot like my research work book for art class! XD Thats cool. Ive never done an art journal before (except, of course the workbook for school, but i dont think that counts)