Thursday, 30 July 2009

More from week 1 (offically 9)


So here is what ive done this week.I turned my endless line into a map, well work in progress.Ive got my white page in process to,my colour outside the lines in pretty basic and was the first thing i did.Um iv draw around all the stuff in my bag too, but maby ill do some more on that later.The picture with the purply spill is where i spilt in some (ok a lot) of red was so funny as i spilt it all over the table , floor and my sock but thats creativity 4 ya.Then i used the test page to test m y new travel watercolour set with.The next picture is after i pulled it through mud, fji:taking it for a walk.

Havent made the chain yet but iv coloured it in:).My circle page is pretty basic to.

This page is draing whilst in movement.It was a bit disapointing as out car was hardly wobbely but there you go.

Here iv riped the strips and done rubbings of a load of random stuff i found round the house, so hair pin, coins, scrapbooking chipboard designy things and loads more.

So in my poke holes page i did this put then turnred the holes into
a field of flowers.This is one of my fave pages.

I added loads of numbers to the number page.Coloured the materials
accoring to how much i like em, so green i really like em , orange middle or dont care and red hate.It was fun to do .Like that page to.And last but not least in burnt the page(had to tip water over it to put out fire but thats a hole new story..)and then rupped in the black ash onto the page.
Voila thats what iv done!!!!!
And yes i am gonna contiune after the book club on next chapter is over...
So keep ya eyes peeled...

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  1. Great wrecking!!! i love the drip something here page!