Saturday, 8 May 2010

How to create a Inspiration board

An inspiration board is a very important iteam in any crafty or artistic persons life.On this board you will pin everything and anything that inspires you. Then when you need a little boost with your creative flow, grab an image and go from there.

You will need:

Things that inspire you

1. Gather quotes, images(from fashion magazines or artwork you admire), colour samples, postcards, photos, emphemera from your daily life, fiber and fabric, numbers, letters you like absoloutly anything!

2. Arrange the clippings in a way you like: this can be in catagories like fashion, art and nature, by colour, size or just however looks right

3. pin thesedown and use as inspiration.

SO How can this help inspire me?

  • You could write a story based on one of the objects, this could be a made up one or why and how it inspires you
  • Use this image as a base for a collage
  • Let the theme or colour of a picture inspire your next creation
  • Draw the image
  • Capture the feel of it on a page
  • Use the quotes of lyrics in an art journal page
  • Use that awesome picture of a lacebag as inspiration for your next skirt
  • If it is a fabric or fiber swatch, use this fabric in your next project

And there you go, an inspiration board is basiclly the place you store all the inspiration you get, when you are to busy to use it and the place you raid for ideas, when you have time but no clue what to do. How do you use your inspiration board?

" Spring is natures way of saying lets party!"-uNKNOWN

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