Friday, 30 April 2010

My Anti Cosmetic animal testing painting and some cool ideas to use in your art journal

I love this painting, the first half is a normal girl and the other half is what she would look like if she had to go through the painthat animals do, just so we can look"PRETTY"?!

Here are some ideas For art journaling that I am loving:

  • work with some ink and just add a few accents to your pages
  • practise drawing
  • think outside the box, look at every material as a potential piece of art journaling gold
  • cut and paste down a random sentance from a book and use this as your prompt
  • buy yourself a pot of gelmedium and experiment
  • use paper chains(handcut) in your backgrounds
  • Date your art work
  • experiment with splatters

Have a good and creative weekend!DO you like it when i just post a piece of art and some prompts or should I give you more techniques or something?

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