Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Book review:Collage Unleashed

I really love this book.I got it a few months ago and have reread all the techniques and ideas over and over again.This book has 6 chapters, so first I will give you a quick round up of what is in each chapter.

  1. Painting Paper and Fabric: This chapter is all about ways to put paint to paper and fabric.Traci treats both mediums as one.I find this very inspiring.In this chapter she shows you how to die paper towels, how to make crayon cupcakes,how to use an iron to melt crayons and then use them as art and much more. Each idea comes witha step by step tutorial with clear photos and extra ideas.At the end of each chapter she gives you even more ideas to try such as to use your painted papers for colour swatches, name cards, Bookcovers, scrapbook paper or roll up beads.
  2. Printing, stamping and using transparencies:This chapter gives you loads of ideas such as layering prints,doodle monoprints and how to make and what to do with transparencies made from your own art.She introduces the concept of fabric collage with transparencies and offers many attachment methods such as making transparency sandwiches with dired flowers in them and some fab ideas for a texture toolbox.
  3. Freestyle lettering and Doodling:This chapter really inspire you to go out and buy a million gelpens and to get lettering and doodling.She has a fun doodle warmup, how to turn your doodles into wonderful colouring pages,lots of ideas for funky calligraphy and doodling prompts.She also really incouraged me to use everything and anything to doodle with like sumiink and a pipette.Lastly she offers lots of handy tips for writing on fabric.
  4. Combining Collage styles:How to create fusion dyed collage,ideas for collaging with symbols and fabric paper patchwork collage.At the end of this chapter she shares collage starters and themes.A truely inspiring chapter
  5. Stiching bindings and funky embellishments:This chapter is all about how to make journals,She starts of by offering a clear tuorial on making signatures, offers lots of unique binding methods such as free form crochet,bead macrameor latch and rug hook binding and hand and machine sew embellishing stiches.I know where I am going to look for my next art journal ideas.
  6. Projects combining techniques:Shows you how to make many journals, wall hangings and bags with the techniques learned throughout this book.

I think this bôok is fab!Anyone who loves art journaling and wants to venture into working on fabric aswell, or any one that just needs paper and fabric inspiration should buy this book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autor; Traci Bautista

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