Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Prompt yourself up part 1

A new series:Prompts from my head to inspire you to create art in your art journal and in other mediums.Try exploring possiblities such as clay, canvas....If you dont have any clay, why not make some salt dough clay?Be crreative!!

  1. Use your art to document a favorite childhood toy
  2. Tell a story about a family member such as your grandma
  3. Create a self portrait.It is open wether you want to grab a mirrow and do an exact study of your face or if you just want to capture your identity in an abstact image
  4. Think of a few key points in your life and create art about them= artistic biography
  5. Explore your mind set on consuming, religion, animal rights and the like
  6. Take a photo of you wearing an outfit you like and explore why
  7. Use things from your everyday life such as stamps, ticket stubs and candy wrappers.Why not try to get one piece like this per day and collect and add to your journal
  8. Draw something once a week, to improve yoiur drawing skills

Have fun!!!!

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