Thursday, 22 April 2010

Earthday: Go green and save he earth and animals

Today is Earthday, yay! So please please do your bit for animals or the enviroment today.There are so many simple things you could do today:

  • Go on threadbanger and watch this for some places where you could find eco friendly clothing and accessories

    Check you cosmetics for cosmetic animal testing and download this fab app for your iphone( its free!!!
  • Reuse old thing in your art: cut of trimings and buttons from old garments, join stash swaps with your friends, reclaim the matierials used in you WIPs
  • Cut up old magazines to create collage and find other ways to recycle in art like many of alsia burkes creations( )
  • Switch off unused applications and lights
  • Bring your own bag shopping
  • Use old books as art journals or make your own from recycled paper
  • Buy recycled stationary( I have some reviews coming up)
  • Use flowers,leaves and other natural things in your art
  • Create staemeent art to show people how bad things are
  • Support charities
  • Eat less meat
  • Buy organic food and make your own over buying

These are just some supersimple ideas, so please do at least on of these or another earth or animal friendly thing today and remember, your art is your voice to.Chronicle where you found that nice veggie resteraunt or eco friendla hair salon, make art about the animals you saw today, inform your self about how bad your art supplies are for the enviroment and make some changes, use natural collage elemsnts and use rubbish such as old tickets from your everyday live and get active!!!!

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