Friday, 2 April 2010

Spring cleaning Quilt- Along

I am not a tidy person.At all.But when the weather gets nicer, I do get into a Spring Cleaning mood. But it is still kinda boring.Then I had an idea!Why not make a quilt as I go along?The idea was born.Let's get right down to it:

  1. Get all your fabric out.Everything, scraps, felt....

  2. Put on some good music

  3. Now start off by drawing a pattern for all your squares of your future quilt.Cut it out and you have your pattern

  4. Grab your first fabric.Get a bag ready fro scraps even if you already have one, get a new one.Have a rubbish bin at the ready to.

  5. Spread your fabric out, cut of any dangly bits that are in the way and are to small to be used in a big project and put these in your scrap basket. Trace around your pattern 2-4 times, use the scraps if you can.If not then just cut it out from your main fabric.Cut around this roughly and set aside.

  6. Cut a small sample piece from your fabric to. Fold it up and put away in what ever way you choose, a basket, clear bag, box, shelfing unit-Whatever
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all your fabrics.If you have some jersey or silk that is not good for a quilt, then just do the same steps , but do not cut the squares out. Make sure you cut out a sample though.
  8. Once you are done, you can pile all your tester pieces, add some elastic, to hang it up by and staple the whole thing.Now you have a handy refrence to exactly what fabrics you have.
  9. Go through your scrap bin and sort to bin, new scrapbin or if they are big enough to fit your square blanket pattern on them, then draw around it again.
  10. Sort all your felt into scraps(seperate felt scrapbox) or new fabric.
  11. Cut out all your squares

I will continue this soon.If you decided to take part, just leave a comment below with a link to your site and i will ad you to the toolbar.Be sure to share photos so far.At the ens of this project I will also post links to how to use fabric and felt scraps:)


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