Sunday, 24 May 2009

Art journaling part 1: Getting started

Art journaling is fun.You should try.Basiclly its sticking,pasting,painting and drawing things into a notebook creativly.You can take your own aproch on it though.
First your need a note book, i recomend a moleskin sketchbook.It has a beautiful cover,strong pages and even a little pocket at the back.Next your need some paints,gesso(or cheap white paint),paintbrushes,deco iteams,scissors,glue.....and most inportantly imaganation.It does not mattter if you cant draw.Noone must see it!
Now get to work: start by making any mark in it your name writen or painted in a special way,some old magazines ripped or cut up and pasted in , a doodle or a photo:Just get creative.
I will post pics of mine soon:search moleskin in for ideas or watch somue suziblutube.
Stay tuned for more on art journaling...
TASK: Buy a notebook for art journaling and create a displ,ay for one page and if you have a blog, post pics yand let me know.
Also if you know a good website on art journaling please share in the comments-

Somthing completely by the way:Is anyone acctully reading this blog?If you are please leave a comment below,just to stop me thinking im blogging for nothing.

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