Friday, 23 July 2010

My own sponge adventure

Today I was down the town and went into a shop for lunch. On my way out I saw a pack of 13 sponges for 1 pound and so I bought it. They are multicolored makeup sponges (in pink, purple, white and blue). I came home and sat down to start playing with them and to watch Samantha Kira's Studio Vlog. Then what do I see? This week she is playing with sponges too. How weird is that. I thought my makeup sponges were amazingly cool to work with, they got me an awesome i smudged the paint with my fingers effect , but I did not get my hands dirty. I also found some bubble wrap and used it to create to prints and covered in paint applied with a makeup sponge. I had earlier today, drawn an Owls head. so I decided to cut it out and glue it down. I also used my red and orange shimmering H20 watercolours, a strip of patterned paper and some gelpens and pen and ink. To finish off this page, I wrote about me becoming a vegetarian. I have been for 3 weeks now and I think its fab.
Play with something cool in your journal and leave me a comment about it.



  1. yay, vegetarianism! I want to buy some make-up sponges, but I keep forgetting. The twinkling H20s look fun, but I'm afraid to order them because the website hasn't been update in like two years. Did you have any trouble ordering yours?

  2. I had no problems getting mine, as i ordered them of here:
    My friend recommended me this company in switzerland. First choose the small english flag to get a language we understand and then selesct the h2o catagorie and irder