Thursday, 6 August 2009

Book review:Artists journals and sketchbooks

Artists Journals and sketchbooks

by:Lynne Perella

price:US=21.99 dollars UK=14.99 pounds

It is a really good book,for a art journaler of any level.Lynne shows you many inspiring art journal pages by various artists, cool artists insights and material listings for almost every layout.The book is divided into 5 chapters.

chapter 1:

Here she explains in short the basics of art journaling.Then shows you many lovely layouts and has technic pages on such things as ading colour to your background and cool ways to alter pictures(not using photoshop).

chapter 2 :This chapter is about the book itself.So creative ways to decorate the cover including using Slide mount artworks. Again there are many inspiring pictures of what other artists have done such as a cool handquilted coverd journal(so cool).It also contains the idea of making mini journals and attachment technics.

Chapter 3 :

All about adding text, theres a list of ways to do so,how to use in a background , how to carve your own stamp and many things by artists.Also all kinds of ways to add hidden journaling.
Chapter 4 :
About diffrent sketchbooks.This includes pictures and explainations as well as tips for things like travel journals, planning future projects and much more.
Chapter 5:
Here she shows you how to do art journaling but not in a notebook, but on a skirt, quilt or cans.

rating (by me): 7 and a half/10
It has many , many wonderful things in here, to get your creative juicies flowing, well explained technics and tips.The bad is that some text refure to other pages in a displayed journal layout and you dont get to see em.Also i think 7 whole pages dedicated to mount slide art work is way to much.I mean yes, to a small digree i am intrested and its a cool idea, but i didnt buy a book about mount slides did i?( no i did not).

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  1. Wow. Seems like a cool book overall.
    I'll definitely check it out. :)

    Thanks for the review!