Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The little steps to an art journal page

As most of you will be heading back to school soon or are already going, here are my tips on journaling when time is short.I dont know about you, but i have many tests coming up soon , so i will and have less time for art journaling.So here are some things you can do:

Gesso a page:
This wont take long and will preprep all your pages.warning if you are using a thick paper notebook, such as a moleskin, you will not need to do this.

Collect ideas:
You can do this anywhere.Look on the internet for prompts,collect ticket stubs, leaves ect from your way to school, check in books, a film , a book and mabey even Homework will inspire you.

Start by adding paint and sticking in a pretty piece of paper...,Just work with it un til you feel its ready.You can start this one day and finish the next.

Collect Images and Quotes:
Cut up old magazines, look for cool pictures and titles that sound cool and use em in you art journal page.
Search the internet and books for quotes, you can use.

You can do this anywhere, even in break during school.Just bring a pencil and an artists rubber and your set to go.

You can do this on the phone, on the bus, in break,in a homework break, on the loo any where you can think of.

Do this whenever inspiration strikes you.

Finishing touches:
Can be added any time.

I hope me breaking it down into little steps will help you fit it in and remeber post me a link and i will come check out your blog.PEACE!
If you have to do a preasantation or somthing for school, it really helps if you break it up into mini steps to.

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