Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cobra water mixable oil paint review

I saw this free sample Cobra paint tube today, when I was browsing my local art shop. I took a sample of course and as soon as I came home, I started testing out roughly how they work. But basically they are water mixable oil paints. It also says on the packaging that they wash out of fabric with water. This makes me so excited, because I am always getting acrylic paint on my clothes and this puts me off painting a bit, but only 0.1%. All the same, if it will wash out, this makes me super happy!!!
Anyway, I tried the paint out and it acts like a mixture between acrylic paint and oil paint. It still takes a while to dry, it has than oil paint glossiness about it and lets itself blend together like oil paints, but it blends well with acrylic paint (i did do this, but with an orangish red acrylic paint) and I have worked with both acrylic and oil before and when working with this, it just feels like a really fantastic feel to it. I friking LOVE this paint, when I next go there, I will buy myself some of this.
Now onto the next claim: it washes out of fabric.I am so happy about this factor and I tried it and it works. Above you can see before and after of a piece of fabric which I put some paint onto and then washed out. There is a kinda orangish tint to it, which was not what happend, the glue (I used my homemade glue, yay it glues fabric to:)), which I brushed over it, blended the colour onto the fabric. But before I glued it on, it had one tiny spec of paint on it. Click on the image and look at it in big and take a good look at it, you will see the effect.

So over all
  • 99% of the paint washes out
  • It takes long to dry
  • It blends well
  • It works in conjuction with acrylic paint to
  • It feels like working with a mix of oil and acrylic paint
I give these paint 8 out of 10. I will go buy some more of this, will you?
Have you tried this paint before? What did you think?

Their website is here.

Ps: Here is a fab new podcast, I have discovered called the VooDoo Lounge. Click on the podcast sidebar. and this website Carla Sonheim: Snowball Journal

have fun creating Art!!!

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