Thursday, 12 August 2010

My first ever video: Stamping technique using a loorolltube

Here is my first ever vid!!!!
This is just a cool technique I thought of and thought it would be fun to share!!

Extra ideas:
  • You could vary the colour paint you use
  • You could stamp it in a way, so that it gives you a flower shape
  • You could use to create a border
  • you could use to stamp a circular template either on patterned papers or on cardstock, which if you punch a hole into it makes a fab gifttag
  • You could stick in a photo or image and use it to circle something you want to draw to the viewers attention
  • You could paint a big fish or other animal and use these to create the eyes
  • You could use as a way of creating a circular template over an image and then you can glue down like an inchies page, but just circles, instead of squares
  • you could cut little triangles out of the rim of the loorolltube before you stamp and then you will get a broken lined circle( do you get what I mean)
  • you could stamp an image(using a normal stamp) and then customize it with your loo roll stamp( for example, by stamping it down and then painting over the image exept for the part with the cirlce around it)
The possiblities are endless and free!! Loorolltubes are not the only item of waste you can salbage for your art! What do you like to use? If you try this technique, please share photos,what are your suggestions on how to use?


  1. Cool! I have a hard time reading the paper, though. You might want to invest in some video editing software so you can make titles and rotate the video. My computer came with a free version of Windows Movie Maker, which will do all that. I also bought a program called Sony Vegas Movie Studio that I love. And if you filmed it on your iphone you can get a pretty good editor app for around $5. But, anyway, nice video. I use a cardboard tube I got from a roll of labels at work to make circles in my journal. There are so many cool ways to make homemade stamps.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I know its not that good, but i was still really proud of myself. Editing software... I have Linux not windows, so thats out. What is the iphone app called?