Thursday, 10 June 2010

Art must haves for journaling in the garden

So a few posts ago, I posted a very cool page I create in the garden. I LOVE DOING So during the summer. IT is just so inspiring and fun! So, if you want to spend some time makin art in the garden, just grab a little table and chair or sit at your picknick table. Now garb a lunchbox and fill with goodies:
  • Camera(to take inspiring photos)
  • acrylicpaints( TO paint with:))
  • suncream(you dont want to get burnt and it can be used like gelmedium as a glue)
  • paintbrushes and water
  • pens for journaling

I only use these basic supplies and then just create whilst listening to craftpodcast such as craftsanity and craftypod. What pod casts do you like to listen to?

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