Sunday, 6 June 2010

Get outside that studio!!!

My work space outside, a pretty flower,a photo and the painting of the thing I painted.

Today it was warm weather and I had time and I had no ideas of what art I should create, so I went outside. I have a table and chairs outside, so I grabbed a few supplies: my art journal, camera, ipod,acrylic paints, watersoluable pencils, pain tbrush and water and a pencil. Then I simply sat down and started to create a wonderful impressionist painting of this part of my garden.I focused on the wonderful colours and basic shapes of the painting. I let go of thinking, oh that isn't very good and I think that itz turned out great. Yes, I know it does not look really realistic, but I love it. My painting really captures the colours of my garden. The coolest thing is that now that the light has changed, the colours did to, so I have captured my garden in an absolute unique way. The colours will never be the same. Try this experiment to, I took a photo and compared the colours, guess what mine were nicer, more saturated and just generally more realistic, colour wise. Ask yourself what do you feel, is the colour and feel more important to you or is it more important to you for the image to look realistic.To me, the first is way more important when it comes to art.

I dare you to try it to, grab your fave supplies and head out to your garden to create an impressionist painting or some fab photos. Another new thing I ma in to lately is Craftsanity, a fab podcast.I especially love the episodes about artistic people. I love listening to podcasts whilst I create art.

Lastly sorry I have been away for a while, but first I went on a trip to italy and then lately, Until now i did not feel like blogging and to me, it should be fun. But I am back!!! YAY!!!!Here are somethings that will be coming up lately:

  1. Some info on great artists, both from art history and present day people.I am hoping to interview some people to, so if you are interested in being interviewed please leave a comment.
  2. Ways to grow as an artist, such as how to start my own spin on summer projects
  3. More things about art quilting and other creative fabric things
  4. How to get active about animal rights( check out )
  5. Awesome links

Please leave a link to some art you have done outside.:)


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