Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Arthistory Crashcourse part 1: Impressionism

I am launching a brandnew series about art history. Every tuesday, I will bring you the history on a time period, artist, art matêrial or piece of art.

The Impressionism offically started in the mid 1860's, when the first exhibition was launched containing impressionist pieces by artists such as Monet, Degas, Cezanne and van Gough.It was a personal way pf portraying the light and colours of the world.The art style was more about painting a reproduction of the true spirit rather than coüpining nature down to the barest detail. I think that art journalers can learn from them that you should depict the world as you see it and never be afraid to include the truth no matter how ugly that might be.
Impressionism is baout how the artist sees the world in that very spilt second and the ever changing reality. Colour was very important, ^the colours should convey the atmosphere of busy life in pure brilliance. It became more popular to go out in the fresh air and to paint face to face rather than being in a studio. These artists also figured out that the sun is not a single colour, but a sum of pure chromatical values.Light was important to impressionists and they use brush strokes to represent the vibrations of light.This could make a fun prompt: try painting a scence, by onld painting in the light or apply a thick layer or paint and then consoiusly create brush stroke texture.
Black became regongnized as a colour of its own and was no longer banished from the palette.Colours were applied in fantastic new techniques that either allowed them to blend or spilt the dark from the light.Basicly they paint reality as it is in the eyes of the painter with emphasis on light and colour. I think this is a cool attitude to have towards art journaling to.
I hope you have enjoyed this brief history crashcourse, as you have noticed, I will throw in some artsy inspirational ideas that came to me when I learned about it.
Now go make art!!!! Do you want to adda ny ideas you get from impressionism, please comment below and share.In order to promote commenting on my blog, I will post everyone's blog adress on my side bar, who leaves a comment.¨

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