Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cozy yarn season:Links

At this time of year I always love to turn to knitting and crocheting as a craft, as it is so warm and cuddly.Im knitting a cute pink and blue beanie and will share the tutorial soon.I will also review a few knitty and crochety books, give you loads of great links, a peak at my stash and much much more.
So to get started here are a few links:

1.Craft had a few articles about yarny buissness:

2.Wanna go travln?

3.Make some cute logcabin washcloths:

4.Q:How can i use up all my scrap yarn in a project?
A: Make mixnmatch yarn:

5.Make an Owl yarn oganizer:

6.Acorn storage:

So there`s a small taster.More coming soon!!!

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