Sunday, 25 October 2009

Some artjournal prompts

These are things iv done and now im sharing with you:

1.Is there a film you wanna see? Yes then create an artjournal page around it and add a pocket for tickets and newspaper reviews

2.Practise mixing coloured pencils and then artjournal it up a bit

3.Write down you feelings

4.experiment with new art supplies

5.paint people and draw their face as practice

6.draw spme still life in colour

7.Try to use your art journal as a way of learing for school, by using info you have to learn in your art.

8.Make a page about things you like

9.Use cartoons out of newspapers in you art

10.PLan partys inside in a creative layout.

11.Rip up magazines and use thwm in diffrent ways

12.Create a page around a quote

13. write lists


15. write about art gallery visits

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