Monday, 5 October 2009

News from me

Yes i am still here even though it has been a while i know.But thats cause if been up to a lot.
For a start i made some cute soap(sry forgott to take pics) and started my halloween costume(post some pics when im done).
Now for some stuff you can see on the photos.I gessod an old book and am starting to write down the peter rabbit tale in a creative way.So fun:..
Then Iv decorated my third art journal and I took a look at my new found felt craze, by making some spotty lavender smelly pillows for underwear and socks.
And last but not least I wnet to a craftfair and bought loads of goodies, including shrinky dinks plastic, xxl thick wool, hat pattern, fat square of fabric and a cute unicorn stamp.
I found this great tut for shrinky dinks on the threadbanger forums

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