Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nature (Art)journal

I got inspired to do some research into this after reading an artical about it.So here I am sharing what iv found on the net:

Some SUGGESTIONS for what you can do with this journal:

-Include pressed flowers and leaves you find. You may also record time and location where you found them and identify them using a flora. Maybe describe it with botanical terms.Since this is an ART journal, you may do this on a watercolored background, or whatever else.

-Journal about your favourite spot. For example, if you have a favourite tree to sit under, try to share this experience with us. Take a photo of your tree, write how you feel about this tree, what it means to you. Share memories connected to this tree. Include leaves from the tree, do leaf printing, do a sketch of the tree, or a watercolour painting, this can be abstract if you are not a good figurative painter, just express the colors of the tree. Include photos taken in the morning and at night.

-Take a walk in nature, document your trip, write about flowers and animals you see, the mood you have, share your photos taken on that trip, include a pressed flower you find beautiful, make an abstract painting with acrylic or watercolour in the colors you saw on your trip, or figurative if you have the skills.

-You can make leaf and flowers pressing by just stamping them on the page with paint. Or you can use them as a negative.

-You can also use magazine images, pages from books, or other images/rubberstamps etc to show what you have seen. But it should be image of something you have seen in nature, not just any nature picture. It should be personal pages

.-Recreate a flower you saw, making a paper flower of scraps…then you can paint the stem, and include real leaves from the flower. That is really mixed media, which I encourage in this journal.

Ad by me: Tip

Get a Moleskin or something as your natureart journal and when youre out and about note stuff on a notepad.When you get home you can sort your info into a cool pages and use big heavy books to identify the birds and trees youve seen.Take photos so you can do some drawing at home or bring a drawing pad, but leave you acctual journal at home, so it stays pretty with all the end results:).

This website has a few good tips to:

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