Sunday, 25 October 2009

The magazine:A goldmine for artjournaling

So youve finished reading your magazine.What do you do with it?

a) You throw it away
b)You recycle it
c)You give it tô a friend
d) You keep it and read in a few months again
e)You use it in arty ways

What did you pick?
I always do e) (okay sometimes i do d) first but then i do e))

So you may ask How can i use it in an Artsy way?
Well you have many options, Im sure I dont know them all , so if you wish to ad to the collection leave a comment.

1.Cut out pictures and use them in your art journal, create gluebooks, decorate furniture and whatever else you can think of

2.Think of a theme for example Autum.Now collect all the info and pictures you can out of lots of magazines and create a collage.

3. Cut out words and use them in art

So thats what i do, but now you can use these simple ideas in any way you want.Why not decorate a canvas or piece of furniture?

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