Monday, 2 November 2009

Late autumm: the cozy season Art journaling mini TUTORIAL

When it dauns apon me that summers over and autumm/winter begins, i start crafting in a whole new way.So my wonderful sewing room is fab BUT its in the attic, so its one (no the) coldest room in the house, thats why i do alot of sewing in the summer and less inthe winter months.So what do i do?Well i get into things with yarns such as knitting and crocheting, I cuuddle up with a warm blanket and read books, plan projects, listen to podcasts and plan christmas presents.So one of the things iv done alot over the weekend is listening to podcasts and art journâling.Heres a quick tutorial of how I did it:Ps. photos above
So first grab you art yournal and pick a podcast( , was my choice).
1. now take out your paints and pick colours so above i used warm colours such as red and yellow and then let them mix on my page.
2.Gather pretty papers in either similar colours or a contrast what ever you please.
3. Now get a magazine and choose an artical that your intrested in (with pictures, or if not gather or draw your own)
4. Cut out some parts of the artical or all of it
5.Arrange and glue the paper and artical on your page, as you fancy
6.Turn on your podcast and cuddle up somewhere with your art journal , a pen and a warm cup of tea
7. Doodle and write notes about the podcast(this is nive as it ads meaning to your page , ads text and is more fun than just taking notes in a boring notebook)
8.Finish off by adding embelishments such as stamps and glitter
By the way I highly recommend listening to as its always real intresting and full of great ideas.

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