Saturday, 14 November 2009

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So as you may see I customized my blog with a few new colours.I thinks it looks cool.Just giving everyone an update.Iv (okay I admit Im late) enterd the nonstopwritingmonth and am atempting to make a piece of writing about art journaling.My third art journal is almost done.My next journal is bought, its a moleskin again but this time its a watercolour notebook.I will give you my thoughts on which is better for art journaling soon.I was delighted when I found this cool mini bargain bag in my local fabric shop.It conzained lovely buttons, ribbon , glitter stone tape and some cool bias binding.I LOVE little goodies like this:)

Some cool quotes I have found over the last few days:
"My home is where my books are"- Ellen Thompson
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"- Pablo picasso
Now to the pictures above:
1. I did this yesterday. Id cut the masked face out of the a magazine and it had been in my college file for a while. Suddenly i felt like using it in a page. So I did. First I painted thewhole page with a mix of red , yellow and pink. Then I glued down the face.My nest step was to while paint was still damp go over it with white paint.Then I added paper(from an old book) and painted over it in the same way.Next I hand stiched around the edge, wrote the quote in crayon(Chaos in the midst of chaos isn't funny , Chaos in the midst of order is - Steve martin) and drew lines ( with a red artist pitt pen , brush) and added journaling.:)
2. This is my teesha moore page.I did it after watcching her videos on youtube( the link is 2 posts ago).Cuttings from a fashion magazine.My quotes read: " The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts"- Markus Aurelius and "Imagination is more important than knowledge. knowledge is limited, Imagionation is not "-Albert Einstein
Tip: If you dont have a white pen ( I dont) , just use tipex( in pen form or on a paintbrush).
3. This page was created after I had a piece of music copied for school, which I didn't need anymore. Then the treesha moore videos ( before id watched) was my second inspiration.I glued old pages from a book so i could use watercolours, then i added the music border and pasted together some people.
4.Did this when I was anoided, one time. Just slapped down dark clolours, added some cut out words (from my colllection (I cut out cool words and save them to use on later journal pages))they are storm, world , focus and escape.Then I added two quotes and spirals:
"If youre going through hell keep going"- Winston Churchill and "Don't cry , just say f*** you and smile"-by my friend
5.This is another page done by my podcasts and journal method.I posted a tutorial a while back, so if your intrested check it out.Its about Dodos and Crafting for when zoure under the weather(Craftzpod(

So hope that inspired you to create zour own pages.Happy Journaling

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