Thursday, 26 November 2009


A problem a lot of art journalers are faced with:You sit down to art joournal but you have NO inspiration and art journaling with no inspiration is not fun!!
So where do you get some?
Well in your day to day life you can find an applethera of inspifration if you know where to look.Go through a day with me and I will give you ideas to inspire you:
1.The colours or theme of you cereal packet
2.Newspapers:Cut out intresting photos . word and headlines plus you can use the text in your background check out ihannas post on more ways to use text in your art journal pages(
3.Adverts can give you inspiration
4.A material can inspire you to, like a pretty paper
5.A cd may inspire you
6.Or a magazine( the magazine was staring at me begging to go in my art journal)
7. Someone elses blog or art
8.A film or book or tv show
9.Food packaging
pretty much anything that you like the colour, texture, writing or whatever can inspire you.So once you find something that appeals to you in some way , how do you go about using it?
Well you can just let yurself be driven by inspiration.Or you can take your Magazine (or what ever inspired you) and look at it again...Ask yourself:
1.what do i like about it the colour, the theme, the font, the context, he images ...
Now find a way of using this in your page.You could simply cut out the word or image and stick it in in some special way .Or you could try to draw or paint a face like the one in the photo.Or you could write you opinion and add cut out quotes on the artical.Or you could just use the colour that is so inspiring.Do you get the picture here? Basiclly:
Find out what it is that you like and think of creative ways to use this in your page
So above you will see the 3 photos from my art journal. The first one the giraffe is what inspired me to do the giraffe page beside it .The giraffe just keept looking at me and asking to get in my art journal so I did. This is a simple collage with doodling:Things like this can be preped and then taken to a cafe and you can journal there.The second one is based on Avril Lavignes album The best damm thing.
Happy journaling!!!!!

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