Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Art journaling 101:Paper and journals

The first thong you will need if you want to start art journaling is a surface to work on.I like to have my art journal and then have some side projects on other surfaces.There are two basic options for art journaling:

1.A journal

2.A artbox: you work on paper and then collect in a box.

Lets take a closer look.Basicly you have to choose wether you want to work in a journal or if you want to work on seperate pieces of paper and then collect these in a box.
For the journal you have many options.But i recommend one with strong paper such as a cardstock kind or watercolour paper, though you may want to try out a few diffrnat kinds to get your personal prefrence.If you want to buy a journal, i recommend a moleskine the watercolour or sketchbook kind.Get a size you feel comfy with.At the moment i am working in a huge book.Which is nice to have so much room, but i think i like a smaller portable one best.If you dont want to buy a journal, you can make one.Just search in youtube or google and you will find many wonderful tutorials.Now lastly if you do make one your self you will be able to pick the cover decoration and the paper.Also you have the choice between a bound or a spiral bound art journal, both are fine.But in a spiral bound one, id like to try one for my next journal, it will be harder to work in a two paged spread.

If you want to go with a box: You will be able to buy lots of diffrent papers and then decide on them at the spur of the moment.The box should be big enough to hold all your diffrnt paper sizes.You can use any kind of box, a shoebox, zigarette box...Decorating the box is half the fun , so be creative.

I will be contining this series, so keep coming and reading.
Happy art journaling!!

Take your art journal outside or by a window and make art outside!!!!

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