Thursday, 18 March 2010

Studio Thursday 18.3.2010

Today these are mz last pages in mz altered book art journal.I have finished mz art journal I was making.Next week I have a post planned, where I will tell you more about this and give you some usefull tips for making journals.
But anyway on to the above picture:This page was all about me exploring in writing what my fave colour is.It turned out to be no colour but colourful things.I am going to make the prompts bold.I made them up myself.

This was on a friday, I was just writing down all my feelings from the week.And did a bad picture of a person. the reason why i dont like it is the skin colour is to brown like mud(i ran out of red so had to use pink).

After seeing the movie alice in wonderland, this is my page to express what I thought of it. If you have not seen it yet, go do so. It is so f*** fantastic:)

My page were I talk about cosmetic animal testing, which is a topic dear to my heart. Did you Know that it can result in death, bleeding, swollen eyelids and liver problems(for the animals)?Make up is not a necassity. Humans should be tested on if they want it.Also currently the makeup company L'Oreal tests on millions of animals each year.They do test on rabbits, that have been secured so they cannot move, in which they out an igredient for the cosmeticsl product in their eye. They use rabbits as they do not have any tearducts, therefore they cannot realive the stinging or pain. If they die , the ingrediant is bad, I f they live its okay.So there. These are just some quick facts about animal testing, if you want to know more, I can create a post dedicated to this topic with an artsy twist.

A page about loving and exploring myself, the way mother nature made me(see the weird but cool face).I used watercolours for the tree and if you click on the image, it will appear bigger and you will be able to see a bit of shimmery green. This is metallic watercolours. A new thing I have discovered. I have now order a beginners set and once I have a bit of experiance , I will post a review.

Some weird doodles and todo lists.Do you like my Marie
Antoinette with a key in her hair?

So there, see you next week , when I will post my art journal that i made. But I will post a value post before that. Not quiet sure about what yet...Any ideas?What would you like to know about art journaling?A book review?Prompts?Product review?Colour mixing? Part2 of paintbrushes? A post about how to use trash as cool artsy supplies? What do YOU want?

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