Tuesday, 9 March 2010

TUTORIAL: How to mix skin colour

I love painting faces in my art journal and even though I may not be the best it is so much fun!But what I have noticed is that a lot of my friends just use face coloured paint from the tube. I love mixing colours and I personally consider this to be part of the creative process. So here you go:

First you will need three basic colours: red(but not a pinky tinted one, just a plain bright red), yellow( not a lemony yellow, just plain yellow) and white.NOTE:WHEN BUYING PAINT IT IS BETTER TO GET A FEW TUBES OF COSTY PAINT AS THIS WILL MIX BETTER THAN THE CHAP STUFF(DUE TO IT CONTAINING MORE PIGMENT.Any way back to our skin colour mixing.

Mix a pink.Use lots of white and only a bit of red until you get a pale salmony skin coloury colour.But don't worry if its still a bit dark we will get to that in a mo.Just make sure that it is the darker version of the colour you want, this is kind of hard to explain but after playing around with mixing a little bit you will understand.Practise makes perfect.

Add a tiny bit of yellow to make it turn from a tshirt , samon pink to a skin colour pink.Compare with a professional portrait (on a postcard) if youre one for perfectness. But again after a bit of experiance you will get the hang of this.

Lastly add white until it is the exact shade youe want. Tip: Test on a scrap piece of paperthat is the same kind as your piece you want to paint on.I have a page reserved for this in my art journal and then I use itr as a multicoloured background.
Happy painting!Would you like me to do more on how to paint a face so the next step, like how to draw it and paint in the shading?Or is there another colour youd like to know how to mix.I'm sure i can help, I have been painting for 5 years.
Before I go , you may have noticed the new feautre on my blog.Below just tick what you think of my post if you havent got time to leave a comment.IT would help me so much when writng future blogposts. Remeber I can only give you advice on things you tell me you want to know.

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  1. Keep it up! I'd love to see more face tutorials, esp shading. I am no good at faces!