Thursday, 11 March 2010

StudioThursday 11.3.2010

As I told you guys a while ago, I have started working in an old book about Indians. It is fun to use an old book, but i think I prefer using a blankbook.Because you don't have to worry about priming a page first or strenthening it in anyway. Also you cant draw or sketch very well, which i like to do a bit of sometimes. But it is a really good way to recycle and not spend any money and you should definately try it!!
Above is my page where I alowed myself to use only blue and the horse picture, that was already in the book. its fun to leave pictures or information showing that you like.

This next page was one I worked on over about a week doing a little bit everyday. There is another face!!I love painting and drawing fantasy girls. But you should draw people live to get the practise. This is a very good way to grow as an artists. Remenber though that if you make any mark on paper , that has a meaning to you, you ARE AN ARTIST.

This is just a nice pale page witha tone of doodling on it. This can be a very fun thing to do infront of the telly or in bed. Prepaint a page and them grab glue, scissora , magazines and pens and get to work.

This was my first every page in this art journal. i like the indian girl as far as shading goes, but i do not like her face shape but oh well.
@PAPERPHANTOM: Would this be an okay face to show you how to do shading on?That is to say do you like it well enough?

Okay guys, see you next thurs with more of my art and with other stuff before that.

I will leave you with a few prompts that i have thought up but not tried yet:

  • When you start a new art journal create a page about the techniques or prompts you want to use in this journal and at the end a page about what you acctually achived.
  • write a story and illustrate in your art journal
  • pick an animal, object or person and write all you know about this topic(you can pick any topic you like)
  • create a page around one word. This will be the only word you get to use on this page.
  • write down words that have to do with your day: what you did, weather, what you wore...
  • glue in colourful labels
  • try drawing faces or picture inclusiv shading using water solouble crayons

Have fun!!!!!(this is what I will serve you every week , my art and prompts or tips or quotes)

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