Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Handmade art journal(with tips for making your own)

The most basic art journaling supply is a good journal.I have used 3 sketchbook moleskins, 1 watercolour moleskin and an altered book so far. This is my first ever art journal I have made.My next planned one is like this one on journal girl(
On to my actual made journal. Above you can see the cover.It is made from some ikea fabric with a scrap fabric colour wheel on it.I thought this was such a cool idea.This art journal has 44 pages, it is made half from watercolour paper and half from drawing paper.I really love this combo, as i can switch between the two kinds of papers depending on my mood.Here is a quick description of how I made the journal, sorry I didnt take any during photos.The reason why I am not turning this into a tutorial with images is cause I learned how to make it of a friend as I went along.Any way, first I folded the paper down to size and sewed up the folds. I loosly attached the segments with thread ans then glued the spine using white glue.I let it dry and cut a cover from book board.Next i cut a thin strip for the spine.I cut holes in the cover and thread 3 pieces of woven fabric through it. Glue down.Cover spine with bookcloth sandwiching the spine bookboard and glue.Make the coverquilt.Glue down cover and DONE!!

The back and pages!

So here are my tips for book making:

  1. Make your cover personal in some way. You could sew a fabric cover, paint some fabric or paper, cover in paper and then paint once on cover.Try to dipict some symbol or the colour wheel that reminds you of what your art journal means to you.For me I want to grow as an Artist and show all the colours of my life in it.
  2. When glueing, protect pages with some baking paper
  3. Wash glue brush well with soap after glueing or you will kill it(talking from experiance)
  4. Use your favorite papers in a combo that works for you

The beautiful inside paper!!!

5.Save any scraps you may get(like from the above paper) to use in collage
6.Use a bonefolder to create lush folds

Hope these tips and Images inspire you to try your own handmade art journal.

Makealife XO

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