Friday, 26 March 2010

Cosmetic animal testing

I think cosmetic animal testing should be banned.Why? Because beauty products are not a necassary for our health. Why shoul animals suffer just so that we can supposingly look pretty? Animals suffer a great deal when been tested on. This can result in liver problems swollen eyelids and bleeding. Often animals die or are killed after the testing!!Currently the big makeup company L'oreal continues to test on thousands of animals each year.They secure rabbits so that they cannot move and then test an ingrediant of them, by putting it into their eye.Rabbits are used because they have no tear ducts and cannot relife the stinging or pain.Also they often forcefed a group of animals an ingrediant until they die.These are just two terrible examples.(please click on link above for more info).

Also animals are really quite diffrent from us and therefore the results are not even all that accurate!For example the blood vessels in many animals are contributed in a diffrent way from ours, making their skin react in a slightly diffrent way.

Lastly makeup is not a need. We will not die if we do not wear makeup. But if we do animlas will die.I am not trying to say that we should stop wearing makeup.We should just urge companies to stop testing on animals.There are a few alternatives:Using existing results, i mean makeup has been around for a long time , so why should we have to create even more?If companies see this as the only way to make money, why don't they use ingredients that we already know are safe?Also we could use human volunteers.You may be apaleed by this, why should humans suffer?But consider that this is exactly what we are doing to animals.

Hopefully by know you will agree with me. But how can you help?

How can I help?

A very simple way you can help is buy nor buying from animal testing companies and more importantly supporting the ones that do.Here is a very good guide on the which ones do.Here is another good resource on how o find bad companies.


  1. Thanks for the info. I have been a vegetarian for 8 years, but I rarely think about the consequences of my make-up (I don't wear much, just eye make-up) but next time I buy, I'll look for the good guys.

  2. I know, I do not think many people know about the consequences of looking "pretty".:)