Thursday, 4 February 2010

3 Artjournal Pages and A List of Things You Can Use in Collage

Doodling is so much fun and I find it very relaxing.It doesnt take up much concentration to do it and you can think about other stuff as you go along.But if you wnat you can put a lot of thought into each and every line you draw and then it can distract you from things.
The green stuff is me trying out the recipe for homemade sparyink over at paperphantom(see side bar), a new site which I totally love.

Lately i have been into collaging a lot.I really love cutting up old magazines for lovely images and cool fonts.Collage is the perfect way to use these.Here is how i build up my collages:

  1. I give the background some colour which sets the tone for my page
  2. I gather pretty paper that match the mood or colour of the page
  3. I cut up magazines searching foe images and i check my collage file and my inbspiration board
  4. next i look for other random flat things I can use in my collage.
  5. Now i stick it all down and keep adding stuff until i feel its done
  6. Sometimes i add a layer of paint to the top
  7. Tip:you can draw your own collage elements too

This is my haiti page and my fingernail with my fave nailvarnish(redlove) on it:).I set the tone as chaos and destruction on my page adding lots of random notes and scribbles.Have you done a haiti page?Id love to see it if you have.

Things You Can Use in Collage

  • Photos(which can be alterd in some pretty cool ways, i plan to do a post on this soon)
  • maps
  • ticket stubs
  • old newspapers
  • scanned in fabrics
  • scanned in art journal pages
  • calender pages
  • scrapbooking paper
  • sweety wrappers
  • clothes tags
  • lables
  • reciepts
  • little drawing of your own
  • old coins
  • dried and flattend flowers and leaves
  • tree rubbings
  • flat stones
  • paint swatches
  • painted coffee filtters
  • lace
  • wrapping paper
  • diagrams from old books
  • book paes
  • and much, much more......


  1. Cool, you tried the spray ink. Did you use kool aid or food coloring?

  2. I used food colouring as i couldnt get any Kool aid and i wanted to try it xo makealife